Landscape Architecture Jobs, Competitions, Discounts, eBooks

Landscape Architecture Jobs, Internships, Competitions, Discounts and eBooks

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Landscape Archtiecture Jobs

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Landscape Architecture Jobs

Jobs posted on the 17-Jan-2017 (NEW)

Jobs posted on the 10-Jan-2017 

Jobs posted on the 3-Jan-2017

Jobs posted on the 27-Dec-2016

Jobs posted on the 20-Dec-2016

Landscape Architecture Internships 

Internships updated on the 17-Jan-2017  (NEW)


Internships updated on the 10-Jan-2017  

Internships updated on the 3-Jan-2017  

Internships updated on the 27-Dec-2016  

Internships updated on the 20-Dec-2016  

Internships updated on the 13-Dec-2016  

Internships updated on the 6-Dec-2016  


Landscape Architecture Jobs

Do you have the mentality and ability to be a competition winner like Turenscape?
Upper Kaban Lake Embankment with the designed natural environment. image courtesy of Turenscape


Landscape Architecture Competitions – Updated on the 17-Jan-2017 (NEW)

What: Post-Fossil City
Where: International/English
When: February 24, 2017
Why: Ten finalists will receive €1,000
Who: all

Landscape Architecture Competitions – Updated on the 10-Jan-2017 

What: Svratka Riverfront
Where: Brno, Czech Republic
When: February 28, 2017
Why: 1st Prize: 20370 € , 2nd Prize: 14800 €, 3rd Prize: 11100 €
Who: all

Landscape Architecture Competitions – Updated on the 3-Jan-2017 

What: Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge Over the Vistula River
Where: Warsaw, Poland
When: 01/20/2017-05/08/2017
Why: 1st Prize: 100000PLN , 2nd Prize: 70000PLN, 3rd Prize: 40000PLN
Who: all

Landscape Architecture Competitions – Updated on the 27-Dec-2016 

What: Parking Solutions Student Competition
Where: Alexandria, VA/New Orleans, LA-USA
When: 02/15/2017
Why: $500, trip to New Orleans
Who: all

Landscape Architecture Competitions – Updated on the 20-Dec-2016 September 

What: On the Edge
Where: Chicago, IL, USA
When: 01/10/2017
Why: 1st Prize: $1500 , 2nd Prize: $1000, 3rd Prize: $500
Who: all

Landscape Architecture Competitions – Updated on the 13-Dec-2016

What: Canyon View Accommodation
Where: Arizona, USA
When: 01/11/2017-02/03/2017
Why: 1st Prize: €3.750 , 2nd Prize: €1500, 3rd Prize: €625
Who: all
How: accommodation/#more-5632

Landscape Architecture Competitions – Updated on the 21-Nov-2016 September

What: India | Pakistan – Border of Peace
Where: India | Pakistan
When: January 31, 2017
Why: 1st Prize: $ 500 , 2nd Prize: $ 200 , 3rd Prize: $ 100
Who: all

Landscape Architecture Competitions – Updated on the 8-Nov-2016 September-2016 

What: Call for Submissions: Art Complex, Pyeongchang-dong (Seoul)
Where: Seoul
When: 1/25/2017-2/1/2017
Why: Total prize amount will be approximately 75,000,000 KRW, and the winner will be granted a right to sign the design contract.
Who: all

 Landscape Architecture Competitions – Updated on the 20th of July-2016

Where: International
When: 7/6/2016 – 3/21/2017
Why: Projects and concepts from the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, planning, and civil and materials engineering are eligible to be entered in the $2 million awards competition.
Who: all



Landscape Architecture Jobs

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