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SWA's redesign of San Jacinto Plaza, a historic gathering place in El Paso's downtown business district provides a state-of-the-art urban open space, while protecting and celebrating the history and culture of the site. The project was the result of an intensive community process involving input from a wide range of [...]
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The New Polk Penguin Conservation Center at the Detroit Zoo, open to the public on April 18, 2016, is the largest center in the U.S. devoted to public education on penguin conservation. Home to over 100 penguins of four species—Rockhopper, Macaroni, King and Gentoo—this Antarctic habitat optimizes animal well-being and [...]
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BASE: In the heart of Lyon, on the old Sergent Blandan barracks from 1830, a new public space of 20 hectares was opened in 2014 : Blandan park. On this nonstandard site, unnoticeable for a long time, new urban, contemporary and exclusive spaces were designed for “Grand Lyon”. The Rampart [...]
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Since the 1950's, the weekend drive 1-3 hours away from cities is a democratic automobile-driven North American custom involving the ritualistic exodus of urban populations from metropolitan centres to sacred landscapes, to worship natural monuments and recreate. This phenomenon is integral to the role that landscape plays in shaping Canadian [...]
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© Lushna
Lushna distinctive concept and lodging solutions are designed to bring the most intimate bond with nature without compromising on the comforts a hotel has to offer. Wooden signature, panoramic view and openness towards surrounding give Lushna products a strong visual identity. Lushna villas are as glamorous as the views they [...]
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© Hanns Joosten
The State Horticultural Show Landau 2015 represents a model conversion project encompassing more than 27 hectares of land and a budget of 13 million Euros ... It will provide a framework for the future development of a new residential quarter as well as a sport and recreation campus on the [...]
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Green Varnish explores the necessity of hiding inconvenient realities with polite beauty. A green fabric elegantly covers all the inopportune facts. We ignore inconvenient information. It is admirable how reactionary we are toward information that brings implicit changes; obviously, we have lost perspective of our role within this large [...]
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The Don River House Garden represents a new form of luxury: a sustainable, holistic and bio-diverse environment that fosters long-term wellness. The landscape architect restored the site's ecology by remediating the riverbank and replacing a residential lot with a series of connected outdoor rooms planted with diverse indigenous species. The [...]
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Perched on a serene hilltop overlooking the Mediterranean Ocean, the St. Tropez property is being revisioned into a cohesive development that reflects both its unique setting and modern vision of a country estate. The consolidated property dates from the 1970's and is split into two separate properties by title on [...]
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