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In this week’s Latest News in Landscape Architecture we highlight some solutions to everyday problems in the urban environment, from biophilic office space in the great outdoors, to how to utilize road infrastructure to generate renewable energy, and how smart technology can help in ensuring a garden thrives while saving water. We also take a look at graffiti and how one artist examines the interface between street art and it’s oppression.

Latest News in Landscape Architecture
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Hoxton Square, a small park in London, has become host to an innovative design solution that combines beautiful form with function in a sustainable execution. Erected for the London Festival of Architecture, TreeXOffice is a co-working space available for bookings through December. The £15-£120 per half day rent is payable to the tree at the center of this intriguing treehouse.

Money raised from the rent will be used to maintain the park, and other green spaces in the borough of Hackney, London. The treehouse, commissioned Artsadmin and Groundwork London, is the brainchild of Australian-American artist Natalie Jeremijenko and was created in collaboration with artists Shuster + Moseley and architecture firm Tate Harmer.

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Noise barriers (sometimes also referred to as environmental barriers) are vertical structures placed along motorways and trunks roads to provide visual and acoustic screening for local communities where roads pass through more densely populated areas. The new panels, designed by Eindhoven University of Technology, are being trialed in Den Bosch, Netherlands for a period of one year.

The panels (known as luminescent solar concentrators), are made of translucent material that directs light to the edges of the panel where it is intercepted by traditional photovoltaic cells, and converted into electricity. The scheme is also trialing photovoltaic cells on more traditional noise barriers to see how the two types differ in generating electricity in a range of weather conditions.

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We have seen how smart cities are using integrated technology to change how we think about our urban environment, but now it seems home users can take advantage of smart technology in their own gardes.
The Edyn sensor is a solar-powered device that measures a range of variables in the users garden, including; soil moisture, pH, temperature, humidity, light levels, and soil nutrient levels.

Using this data the Edyn is able to take into account the actual watering needs of the garden and adjust the watering regime accordingly. This potentially saves water, while providing garden plants with exactly the right amount of water they need to thrive.

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Royal College of Arts graduate Ming Kong has developed a conductive material and used it to create a series of forms to navigate and manipulate CAD environments and computer files. The designer said “The project attempts to revisit a fundamental design question — the relationship between form and function… It explores the possibility that a new form language could be a useful technology itself.“

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Infamous street artist Mobstr has been intentionally trolling an unwitting wall in London, with some interesting results. Graffiti is a subject that divides opinions: public art; expression of artistic intent; or merely vandalism? Watch the video for an entertaining interaction between street artist and authority. Caution: Explicit language.

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News report by Ashley Penn

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