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Posted by on Apr 13, 2015 in Fresh Trends

Latest News in Landscape Architecture


In this week’s Latest News in Landscape Architecture, we have a combination of serious and fun news. Firstly, we celebrate the women that have made a mark in Landscape Architecture, get deeply insightful by gaining good pointers on making our cities better places, before taking a look at an innovative art idea, seeing what the future has in store for the English Landscape and lastly, seeing what is in store for the brains behind everyone’s most loved social media!

Latest News in Landscape Architecture

This short and sweet piece celebrates three out of the 48 successful women in the design profession. The three mentioned in the article are, of course, represented as some of the leaders of Landscape Architecture. We won’t spoil the surprise and tell you who has been mentioned. In the 21st century where women are playing bigger roles and changing perceptions compared to many years ago, it is great to celebrate these women’s success that will surely aspire more great females to make a mark in the profession.

The title says it all- the article, although refers to urban planners in general, is useful for all design professions that deal with the public and as landscape architecture professionals or students, we are no different. The article has lots of intriguing insights that can give us better tool of understanding when designing within a community and the positive outcomes that come with embracing art in all forms.

Rainworks, AKA rain-activated art, embraces the wet and dreary weather condition to something lively and inspiring. Artist Peregrine Church, Rainworks creator, aims “to turn rainy days into something to look forward to.” Watch the video to see how it works. Do you love rain? If not, can you begin to see how your perceptions of a rainy day will begin to change?


In a new era of innovative changes there is a slight transformation for something that we have been used to for many many years- electricity pylons! National Grid has begun building T-pylons in Nottinghamshire that were designed by Danish architecture and engineering firm. The new design is meant to reflect our move to clean energy. Looks like the English Landscape is in for a bit of a change. Do you like the design?

Facebook workers have posted their new headquarters space filled with quirky, amusing and… interesting designs to say the least. Scroll down the article to take a look at what the

Urban-Think Tank is an interdisciplinary design practice that offers innovative solutions to informal urban conditions of cities around the world. This lengthy interview is again not in direct relation to landscape architecture, yet offers great insights on how our cities are functioning today based on the actions of design professionals from all around the world and understanding cities better. If you want to gain some new insights, there are many great pointers in this piece that is worth a read.

Latest News in Landscape Architecture

We hope you enjoyed this week’s landscape architecture news. For all of the hottest news, continue to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Have news to share? Send to [email protected]

News report by Win Phyo

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