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Posted by on Mar 2, 2015 in Fresh Trends

Latest News in Landscape Architecture


In this week’s Latest News in Landscape Architecture we share an interview that offers advice about what landscape architects “actually” do, unveil a strikingly beautiful proposal for a new recycling center in Copenhagen, and give a shout-out to the Boston Society of Landscape Architects for their fun-filled event entitled White Space. Who said tactical urbanism couldn’t occur during the winter!

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Latest News in Landscape Architecture

One of the most unlikely of places will soon be home to a state-of-the-art vertical farm. Jackson, Wyoming—which is due south of Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park—announced that the startup titled Vertical Harvest  recently broke ground on a three-story greenhouse. In a year, it’s estimated that the greenhouse will produce over 37,000 pounds of greens, 4,400 pounds of herbs, and 44,000 pounds of tomatoes. However, the demand still dramatically outweighs the supply says Penny McBride, co-founder of the startup. “It’s a feel-good story, which is why so many people were partnering with us from the beginning,” says Nonia Yehia, architect of the project. If all goes well the farm will open in early 2016 and the first harvest will occur a few months later.

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It’s not every day that you come across a thorough interview with a landscape architect on the internet, so it only made sense to feature it in this week’s news!

Bret Hanson, a professional landscape architect, who’s worked with the likes of Walt Disney Imagineering and currently works for LPA Inc. provides tremendous insight to those unsure of what landscape architects “really” do and to students and emerging professionals trying to gain a better grasp of the roles landscape architects perform.

From the education needed, to misconceptions and tips to make the job easier, Bret uncovers beneficial tidbits that most discover by learning the hard way. Perhaps my favorite takeaway from Bret is, “You will not get rich, it will be tough, you’ll be slighted by architects, but you will literally change the living world and how people interact with it and each other… hopefully for the better.

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A proposed recycling center designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) seeks to teach the public about the recycling process in Denmark (where 42% of the waste is recycled and only 6% ends in a landfill). The manmade hill, shaped to resemble a figure eight, conceals the recycling process, while the adjacent site offers opportunities for fitness and picnic areas. Check out the diagrams as they are rather simple, but clearly illustrate the concept in a modern way.

In response to the snowy season in the Boston area (7 feet so far) and the growing desire for spring to make its grand entry, the Boston Society of Landscape Architects (BSLA) organized a fun, playful event called White Space. On Sunday, March 1st, an adventurous yet determined group gathered at Cambridge City Hall to reclaim public space through a temporary installation comprised of 40 bright orange snow tubes. Explore the images from the event by using the hash tag #WhiteSpaceCambridge It sure looks like great fun!


#WhiteSpaceCambridge participants pose for a picture. Credit: Nina Chase

It’s been stated over and over, yet with the rate at which cities are predicted to grow it’s important to revisit. Findings from a 2014 study titled Particulate air pollution and cardiovascular disease—it’s time to take it seriously noted that 3 million deaths worldwide were from high levels of particulate air pollution in 2010. “About half of the urban population being monitored is exposed to air pollution that is at least 2.5 times higher than the levels World Health Organization (WHO) recommends – putting those people at additional risk of serious, long-term health problems,” the WHO said.

The article lists five viable projects that could be applied to cities across the world in a bid to reduce pollution. Here are three.

1. Manuel Gea González Hospital, Mexico City

“The massive “de-polluting” façade is designed to be applied to buildings close to traffic or in densely polluted conditions, and neutralizes the effect of 1,000 cars every day for the growing city.”

2. Palazzo Italia, Milan

“This year will see the creation of the six-storey Palazzo Italia building for the 2015 Milan Expo, which will be clad in a pollution-reducing façade made of 900 panels of “ biodynamic” cement.”

 3. Micro-Algae Façade

“If we can demonstrate that microalgae bio facades can become a viable new source of sustainable energy production, we can transform the urban environment, as well as providing architects with a new source of inspiration,” Jan Wurm, Arup’s Europe research leader said at the time.

While BIM is not used by many landscape architects, OLIN has been using the 3D model-based process since 2010 according to Chris Hanley, Partner and Director of Technology, and Richard Roark, Partner. Interestingly, they didn’t choose to use Revit on the London Embassy project, but instead it was a requirement for the project team. When asked about the future of BIM in landscape architecture, they mentioned “they’re encouraged by the incorporation of more site tools in Revit, with the addition of the Site Designer add-in, but they would really like to see the incorporation of more landscape metrics.”

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News report by Brett Lezon

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