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Scott Renwick, Founder/Director

From Dublin, Ireland. Currently residing in Israel, Scott studied for a total of seven years in both horticulture and Landscape Architecture before moving to Israel and beginning his career as a Landscape Architect. He set up the page (then called “Landscape Architects”) to keep himself up-to-date and informed with the profession but as the page grew in popularity the LA Team developed as well as his 5 cycle plan to grow “Landscape Architects” into a global name and into “Landscape Architects Network” as we know it today.

As well as promoting the profession and working as a Landscape architect, Scott loves to keep fit, cook and brainstorm ideas for anything he can think of, including how to let the world know that Landscape Architecture is the greatest profession in the world!

Scott has developed LAN from a Facebook page to the world’s number 1 website for landscape architecture news and trends.

When it comes to Landscape Architecture Scott says:

Everything we do is based on the landscape, every profession, every moment and everybody. Every thought we have starts from the ground up. To know this and more importantly to be part of it is a true gift and to forget this is a true disaster.

Landscape Architecture isn’t a profession it’s a mission!

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