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8-November-2016 – Latest News in Landscape Architecture

News report by Elisa AM Varetti
Latest News in Landscape archtiecture
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In this week’s Latest News in Landscape Architecture, we sneak into ZUS (Zones Urbaines Sensibles) ideas about designing with water, discover James Corner next public lecture, get to know how to fight climate change with abandoned spaces.
Moreover, we learn how much the role of landscape architects is broadening, reveal UD students’ rain garden design, feature a garden design for elderly in Singapore, discover a new guidebook about resilient urban design, and try to understand what makes a city thick.

Additionally, we showcase a book focused on wild gardens and don’t forget our YouTube Tutorial of the Week! This week we give you a time saver tip to create realistic grass for your renders.

Latest News in Landscape Architecture:

  • Simple GRASS tutorial [YouTube Tutorial of the Week]
  • This landscape architecture firm is bringing Dutch water expertise to the U.S.
  • Acclaimed Landscape Architect/Urbanist James Corner to Give University Lecture
  • Putting Cities’ Abandoned Spaces To Work
  • The Wild Garden [Book Review of the Week]
  • “Landscape as Necessity” conference aims to broaden the role of landscape architects
  • UD landscape architecture students design rain gardens
  • Designing a Garden for Singapore’s Elderly
  • New guidebook highlights resilient urban design
  • What makes a city tick? Designing the ‘urban DMA’

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  • Simple GRASS tutorial [YouTube Tutorial of the Week]

WATCH >>> Simple GRASS tutorial

Every day we are asked to be quicker in developing our designs but being able to create effective renders and drawings requires time and patience. Whether you are a beginner user or an expert one I hope you enjoy this 7-minute-Youtube Tutorial in which you will find a simple but quite useful time saver tip to create realistic grass for your 3D renders.

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ZUS (Zones Urbaines Sensibles) speaks about its background experience with water designs coming from the Netherlands, revealing some interesting points of view about how this country could help others by sharing its knowledge. Of course dealing with water is not easy but being able to know how to do it can also help in fighting climate change.

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Well, read carefully because I’m sure you do not want to miss it: Landscape Architect James Corner is giving a public lecture on Thursday, Nov. 10, at 7:30 p.m. in Hendricks Chapel at Syracuse University! We all know how amazing and technically interesting his designs are but being able to learn directly from him and get to know his professional experience is not something that happens everyday.

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Did you know that abandoned sites could be used to form a network fighting climate change? UC Berkeley professor of urban design and architecture has developed a project, called Local Code in which has inserted thousands of underused sites of four different cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Venice, Italy. His aim is to give each site a specific function so that together they can deal with ecological threats.

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The Wild Garden: Expanded Edition by Timber Press. Get it HERE!

The Wild Garden: Expanded Edition by Timber Press. Get it HERE!


William Robinson’s revolutionary book, The Wild Garden, envisioned an authentically naturalistic approach to gardening that is more vital today than ever before. The potent combination presented here makes this new edition of a timeless classic an essential resource for all who wish to know how we have arrived at our present understanding of gardens and what opportunities lie ahead. “. Check out the complete book review by clicking the link below.

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News report by Elisa AM Varetti

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