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Alexandra Wilmet, writer

Alexandra Wilmet is a student in landscape architecture. Taking her 2nd Master at the University of Gembloux, Belgium.

She would like to complete her training of landscape architecture with a background in journalism, which allows her to share this passion with everybody through LAN.

Alexandra lives in Brussels and has a dog, 3 cats, 5 fishes and 2 degus. Yes, she loves animals 🙂

She’s happy when she’s with friends to share a drink and laugh. But she loves to travel to see new landscapes and see birds too. Birds fascinate Alexandra because they are graceful and have liberty to travel all around the world.

Alexandra is also a fan of Geocaching. It’s a kind of game which allows you to discover many nice places. Two others passions she has are to draw and take pictures. She really enjoys drawing landscapes and birds when she has the time.

When it comes to landscape architecture Alexandra says:

I think that landscape architecture is there to help people to feel good in their environment and also to conserve all what nature gives us. So, I like this citation of Jeanne Benameur who says “There are in the world, invisible gardeners who cultivate the dreams of others”. For me, this sentence makes sense because everyone has an idea of its ideal world and landscape architects are there to try to create this beautiful world where people and nature live in harmony.

We’re delighted that Alexandra decided to join us. We feel her enthusiasm, ambition and passion for landscape architecture and life will lead to interesting insights that will make for great articles.

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