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Amela Djurakovac, writer

Amela Djurakovac is from Novi Sad, Serbia where she finished her primary and master studies at the Department of Landscape Architecture at Faculty of Agriculture. Currently, she is in her first year of Ph.D. studies where Amela is a volunteer and demonstrator.

Amela is responsible, persistent, enthusiastic and a creative person that uses everyday activities for learning something new and to development her talents because only with daily hard work and perseverance a person can achieve the desired results. She enjoys many forms of arts, mostly photography, and architecture, she loves nature, animals, and creative writing and believes that love is the main motive that raises the world.

See Amela's first published article on LAN: Daycare Centers Embracing Modern Design

See Amela’s first published article on LAN: Daycare Centers Embracing Modern Design

During her study, she participated in conferences and projects with topics about Environmental Protection, Ecology, Recultivation and landscaping, Landscape planning and many more. Amela worked with many associations through numerous workshops and actions such as “Novi Sad Spring” , ” Novi Sad Autumn” , “Parking Day” , ” Create your green oasis – Ecotransformation “, in which are arranged two city sites using eco-friendly materials ; ” The green side of the city -meet green side town with eco- guides “, etc. Within this project, she also participated in the preparation of a manual for eco educators. She runs a blog and also writes for many sites as a reporter.

See Amela’s first two articles published on LAN:

Why is Landscape Architecture so important?

“I could talk a lot about landscape architecture, but one thing is for sure- It is the most beautiful profession in the world. Not because we can learn a lot about everything, but because it teaches us the right view of the world, its importance and the way in which we can change it so that it becomes a better place to live, combining art and science. Maybe we are not yet aware that the world is in the hands of the landscape architects. I could not imagine someone being a landscape architect and that he does not like nature, animals, and people. Anyone can get a diploma of landscape architecture, but not everyone will bring unconditional love to this job. Because of that, I totally agree with the words of Frank Lloyd Wright: “Talent is good, practice is better, passion is best”.

“Inspired by many ideas and plans, I will try hard to partially contribute the development of landscape architecture as a profession and promote it especially in my country. Landscape architecture is our future and I am very glad to be one of the many people in this profession.”

Amela has contributed some excellent articles to LAN and is truly committed to promoting it both globally and nationally. We’re delighted that she made the decision to join the LA Team.

If you would like to join the LA Team as a volunteer writer, email us today at and request more details.

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