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Brett Lezon , Team Leader

Brett Lezon is Landscape Architects Network Team Leader, taking charge of our weekly news feature – The Latest News in Landscape Architecture – as well as representing Landscape Architects Network in national and international events concerning landscape architecture. 

Brett Lezon is from and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He earned his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Ball State University with a concentration in geography and natural resources and his Graduate Certificate in Transportation at Portland State University. Brett began his career working for the City of Clearwater (Florida) as a landscape designer.

Currently, he works as a project coordinator for Wight & Company, a leading Design & Delivery firm based in Chicago, which transcends architecture, engineering, and construction services to provide solutions to public and private clients.

His interests are broad-reaching, ranging from bicycle and pedestrian planning, parks and open space design, and how cities work. Brett enjoys traveling, music, being active, and reading.

Speaking of travel, Brett is an avid traveler and has visited 30+ countries and hundreds of cities throughout the world.

When it comes to writing for Landscape Architects Network Brett Lezon says:

“Writing is a tremendous tool for learning and expression.  I believe it is a great way to stay current and share your enthusiasm with others.

We were really impressed with Brett’s professional attitude throughout the recruitment process and found his style of writing and content incredibly encouraging so much so that we knew Brett was someone we had to work with and we are delighted he agreed.

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If you would like to volunteer and join the LA Team as a writer, then contact us today at and request to find out more information. 

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Brett Lezon, Writer

Brett is from Chicago and has a keen interest in people, placemaking and public space, constantly exploring their intrinsic connections and revealing and highlighting awesome insights.