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Using design skills to make the world a better place.

The charity was launched in 2010 by David and Louise Cole whilst traveling in Thailand and encountering the plight of children of displaced, stateless Burmese refugees, being uprooted every few years due to the lack of land rights. They came up with an idea of a school building that could be taken down and transported with the community, and decided to set up the charity, launching an international design competition asking architects, designers and engineers to come up with an innovative design solution for a mobile, modular school. Upon the completion of this project, encouraged by the huge international response they’ve received, David and Louise have gone on to initiate multiple other projects through the charity, benefiting numerous others through the concept of humanitarian design.

Today the charity is engaged in several projects in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. The projects range from health care and educational facilities to homes for those at risk and in need.

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