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Eleni Tsirintani, writer

Eleni was born in Greece and studied Architecture in Athens. She realized at an early stage of her studies that large scale projects and landscape design were far more intriguing than the rest.

She studied Landscape Architecture in Barcelona, Spain and now works as a Landscape Architect in Athens, Greece.

She has various plants in her flat and tries to keep them alive in order not to ruin her professional reputation. She uses landscape architecture as an excuse not to practice yoga every day and not to cook for her friends though she enjoys both.


This image is from one of Eleni’s hit articles 5 Cities a Landscape Architecture Student Should Visit and Why. The Gardens of Versailles; credit:

See some Eleni’s articles published on LAN:

When it comes to Landscape Architecture Eleni says:

“Landscape architecture is important and that is well known. I would rather argue on how it affects a professional as a person. Being a landscape architect teaches you being perceptive and observant, in order to take all the parameters into account. It protects you from arrogance and it gives you a sense of proportion.

One tries to intervene as little as possible, in order to achieve the maximum result. Patience and respect to the natural processes are evident to achieve your goals. Working with others as a team, working along with nature and trusting it on doing part of the job, make landscape architecture reality and a landscape architect an evolved person. Well, supposedly… ”

We’re truly delighted to have Eleni on board as part of the LA Team. She has produced some excellent, high-quality articles that have been read by many thousands of peoples from all across the globe. Eleni has been an outstanding contribution to the LA Team and long may she continue to do so.

If you would like to volunteer and join the LA Team as a writer, then contact us today at and request to find out more information. 

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