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Elisa Ahmed Mohamed Varetti, Writer

Elisa Ahmed Mohamed Varetti is from Lucca, Tuscany, Italy and has a solid educational background and work experience in the field of landscape architecture.

In 2012 Elisa  graduated in the Architecture at University of Florence, Italy (thesis in landscape architecture for urban spaces). In 2014 she completed a II Level Master Degree in Landscape Architecture at IUAV of Venice, Italy

Starting in 2013 Elisa worked from Giuseppe Lunardini Architetto del Paesaggio in Lucca, Italy. In the Fall of 2014 she was an Intern at Global Arquitectura Paisagista in Lisbon, Portugal.

Elisa likes to pursue karate and is a black belt. she loves to travel and has been to Japan, Australia and some European countries in the past 5 years.

See one of Elisa’s articles published on LAN:

Ika Meditation Spot. Photo credit: Bence Pásztor

Ika Meditation Spot. Photo credit: Bence Pásztor

Other hobbies of Elisa include creating handicrafts things such as scrapbooking and diy stuff, including hand-drawing.

Elisa loves to write about Italian landscape architecture projects to help promote landscape architecture in Italy and start a debate about that topic. She also covers events in Italy concerning landscape architecture with her blog called uptoland with my colleague Benedetta Pecorari. You can follow them on Facebook here.

When it comes to Landscape Architecture Elisa says:

“Landscape architecture is a primary element for the restoration of the social, urban and environmental field as it deals with a subject that can be found in everywhere around us.

It often happens that when I say I am a Landscape Architect, people think at best, that I deal only with private gardens and public parks (at worst they do not even know this profession exists).

What is clearly missing in my country is the awareness that, as stated in the European Landscape Convention, everything is landscape. It doesn’t represent only a beautiful landscape (or a panorama), but all that surrounds us. This means that even towns, urban spaces and industrial spaces, even if degraded, in decay or abandoned, can be defined as landscape.

Landscape Architecture is becoming more and more important because it aims to recover that ancient relationship that existed between man and nature, a fundamental relationship we need to establish for our society and planet welfare”.

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