Fire Pit Art®

Fire pit artist Rick Wittrig at work. Credit: Fire Pit Art

Fire Pit Art®ist Rick Wittrig at work. Credit: Fire Pit Art®

Combining high-quality artistic craftsmanship with unique and practical designs, Fire Pit Art®, established in 2008 by craftsman and artist Rick Wittrig, produces carbon steel fire pits for the private outdoor space, as well as commissioned, custom-made art installations for both the public and private spheres.

Based and operating from the USA, Fire Pit Art® creations are shipped and showcased in various installations around the world, from private homes to lodges, parks, golf courses, theme parks, hotels and restaurants. Each piece is individually tagged and numbered by the artist.

Readymade Fire Pit Art® designs can be found on the Fire Pit Art® website:

For custom made designs and commissions (Fire pits, signs, and other artwork), and additional information, contact Donna, or the artist, Rick at:

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