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Giacomo Guzzon, writer

Giacomo Guzzon is from Grado (FVG) – Italy and has qualifications in Agronomy (BSc- Università degli Studi di Udine) and Landscape Architecture (MA – University of Greenwich).

Giacomo has a love of nature and plants and has a passion for traveling around the world. His other passions include architecture and learning languages.

Giacomo Guzzon

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Teardrop Park. Photo credit: Giacomo Guzzon

Teardrop Park. Photo credit: Giacomo Guzzon

Why is landscape architecture so important?

“Landscape architecture is important because it can shape, influence and improve the environment we live in. It provides the tools to create well designed functional places as well as a broader multidisciplinary sensibility to understand and mitigate major environmental issues. Its holistic grasp of both the natural and built environments should give it a central place at the table in government planning”.

Landscape Architects Network has a habit of attracting high performing individuals who are passionate about landscape architecture, which makes it very hard to stand out but Giacomo does as he is has a unique sense of ambition and a high level of initiative making for one very resourceful and effective writer who we are sure you will be hearing a lot more from in the future – Giacomo is certainly one to keep your eye on and a name to remember.

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