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How to Grow a School Garden – Book Review

How to grow a School Garden. A Complete Guide for Parents and Teachers by Arden Bucklin – Sporer and Rachel Kathleen Pringle

The children brought up in the big cities are often sadly separated from nature. They often do not even realise where their food comes from, have never seen a vegetable patch, let alone a farm or a field – all they know are the sterile, clean vegetables packed neatly on the supermarket shelves. A school garden can literally change their lives.

The children’s contact with living plants, the experience of growing food with their own hands cannot be overestimated. “How to grow a School Garden. A Complete Guide for Parents and Teachers” by Arden Bucklin – Sporer and Rachel Kathleen Pringle is a great tool for all those interested in children’s education and development.


How to Grow a School Garden - CLICK on the image and get the book today; credit: Timberpress

How to Grow a School Garden – CLICK on the image and get the book today; credit: Timberpress

The book, written by two specialists from San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance, an advocacy organisation for school gardens and outdoor classrooms, is a complete and comprehensive manual for everyone involved with gardening as means of children’s education.

How do You Start a School Garden?

It covers the subjects from the very beginning – how do you start a school garden? How to involve the whole school community in the project? How to get the necessary funding? It describes topics such as designing the area, working with schools, parents and local community, and making the most of the outdoor classroom through all – year – round activities.

It also provides the information on the ongoing maintenance and ideas for working with the students. The lesson plans, practical advice, tricks and tips and the garden recipes are a valuable resource for every school, teacher or anyone else interested in that kind of green education.

The real – life examples and case studies make this book even more practical by showing the potential problems and realistic solutions. The multiple colorful illustrations are an added value, making this book beautiful as well as practical.

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How to grow a School Garden

Inside “How to grow a School Garden” – credit: Marta Ratajszczak

Is it for me?

If you are a teacher, a parent or anyone else involved in environmental education – this book is for you. If you are a landscape architect or a garden designer, interested in designing school gardens, you will also find it useful.

Following the example set by the two authors of “How to grow a School Garden. A Complete Guide for Parents and Teachers” will open a vast range of opportunities, the whole new world for the urban children of XXI century. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who has school children, works with them or even is just interested in the well being of the new generation.

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About the authors:

Arden Bucklin- Sporer: The executive director of the San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance, director of educational gardens for the San Francisco Unified School District, and a founding partner of Bay Tree Design, Inc, a landscape architecture firm. She worked with green schoolyards and school gardens both as a parent and as an activist.

Kathleen Pringle: The programs manager for the San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance and the urban school garden liason for Occidental Art & Ecology Center’s School Garden Teacher Training Program in Sonoma County, California. She has experience working in the environmental education field since 2002. She has also taught in a public school garden, and led workshops for garden coordinators, parents and community members.

To see more of what’s inside the book,check it out on Amazon!

Publisher: Timber Press, Inc.
Type: Flexibind
Page length: 223 pages

Review written by Marta Ratajszczak

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