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Kevin J. Pfeiffer, writer

Kevin J. Pfeiffer was born on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. Currently studying for his Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture at The University of Georgia’s College of Environment + Design. He is currently planning for the future in his career and looking for where he would want to practice. Set to graduate in early 2016.

Taking an early eye for design due to his mother being an artist, father being a musician, and taking drafting, engineering, and architecture classes in early schooling. Since starting his degree he has participated in American Society of Landscape Architects, Georgia Students of Landscape Architecture, College of Environment + Design ambassadors, and United States Green Building Council.

He has a particular interest in urban planning and city planning, fascinated by how people subconsciously move throughout a landscape. He has worked at plant nurseries, bringing him closer to nature and understanding how vegetation interacts together. He has also worked at a print shop for landscape architecture students, bringing him closer to technology and learning how to apply it to the field. He has particularly is interested in 3D modeling and graphic renderings.

Consuming a mass amount of YouTube videos, podcasts, books, movies, and music – he enjoys exploring new cultures and learning everyday. Recently catching an interest in travel, visiting places from New Orleans all the way to Anchorage. He enjoys running, concerts, baking bread, and a good burrito.

When it comes to landscape architecture Kevin says:

“As Buckminster Fuller said, “99% percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable”. Landscape Architecture is discovering that 99% of the world around you. Peeling back the layers of design and seeing what makes the landscape the way it is is what inspires me. Landscape architecture is a profession in which you can embed design around the world, and make it more sustainable while doing so. Such importance lies in this field because we have the chance to make good design for not just us, but the landscape as well.”

We’re delighted to have Kevin on board; he has a professional attitude, has shown a strong ability to adapt himself and has an eager willingness to learn and develop in everything he does, a winning combination.

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