MINIMIS – Tiny-aperture lighting

Lighting Solution; smaller than an American sized nickel. Credit: MINIMIS

Lighting Solution. Credit: MINIMIS

Recognized worldwide for the development of high-end indoor and outdoor LED luminaires, leveraging best-of-breed LED technology, revolutionary optics, precision, hand-milled housings, impressive light output, intuitively simple installation methods, within incredibly minuscule and modern fixture designs.  MINIMIS was founded in 2008 with a commitment to modern, minimalist design, the natural properties of light, modularity to reduce waste, sustainable approaches to fabrication, and all things minuscule.

Architects, interior designers, and landscape architects have long called for the ability to have the effect of light, without the large fixture.  MINIMIS LP-Series luminaires are the answer.  With powerful light output, suitable for decorative or accent lighting, coupled with startlingly small form-factors, the LP-Series luminaires are the design world’s holy grail, offering “All light and no fixture.”

The MINIMIS LP-Series luminaires have been engineered to be fool-proof to specify, easy to install, and offer rock-solid performance.  Instead  of requiring confusing LED drivers, which necessitate befuddling current, voltage, serial wiring schemes, the LP-Series luminaires have been designed to work – flicker-free – on standard, readily-available 12 volt DC (constant voltage) power sources.  Designed for indoor and outdoor use, for IP67, marine, and extreme environments.  Made somewhere in Texas.  Ships worldwide.

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