Landscape Architects Network

Landscape Architects Network

Landscape Architects Network inspires you to get out of your building and into the landscape, we have created a website that reveals great outdoor spaces from around the world, looking at how people use them, appreciate them and love them.

We aim to be the worlds brightest spot light for  Landscape Architecture by:

Landscape Architects Network

Landscape Architects Network

  • Showing how other design professions relate to Landscape Architecture, putting Landscape architecture at the center of it all
  • Promoting events as media associates to various professional organisations
  • Promoting the significant, the bizarre and the wonderful all relating to LA
  • Being as current as possible with latest news and up-dates
  • Creating our own events, competitions, talks, awards and lectures


Our philosophy is to always aim for real progressive goals and to eliminate the mentality of having restrictive barriers whilst formulating plans to put our ideas into motion.

All our endeavors are approached with three things in mind:

  • To Excite
  • To Connect
  • To Create


Everything we do correlates with Landscape Architecture, whether it’s through projects, design principles or inspiration, our mission is to reveal the connections between Landscape Architecture, you and the environment, creating awareness amongst ourselves and each other to build a strong and ever lasting appreciation of our world both built and natural.

We want the world to know that how we are connected means everything, the greater the connection the greater we live;  this is what landscape architecture is and we want you to be part of it.