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What To Think About When Designing The Landscape For a City Center

We take a closer look at what you need to think about when designing the landscape for a city center. 

Designing the landscape for a huge project like a city center or even park in the middle of the city is a huge accomplishment. Being assigned this design is also a huge responsibility as you will have to think about numerous factors. You will not be able to just design anything as there will be vendors and other issues that might arise.

For this type of project you should have a list of requirements that you have to live up to. The following are things you need to think about when designing the landscape for a city center.

Landscape For a City Center

Factoring In The Sun

There are areas of cities in warmer parts of the country that bring in full grown palm trees to plant when redesigning a landscape. While these trees can offer immediate coverage from the sun, other trees might take years to fully mature.

Putting in adolescent trees can be the answer or even quickly growing trees can help until the slower maturing trees grow appropriately. The wind is something that needs to be factored in as well as creating a wind tunnel with the landscape can have people avoiding the center of the city in colder climates.

Flow of Foot Traffic

Many landscape architects like to focus on the landscape itself and forget to worry about its functionality. The flow of foot traffic in the middle of the city is extremely important. One misplaced plant arrangement can lead to congestion and the plants being trampled.

Do not overestimate people’s respect for the landscape when they are in a hurry or are stuck behind a slower walker. Make sure everything flows effectively with rounded edges when connecting two streets as this will help immensely with flow.

Cost Efficiency With Beauty

City projects might not have the budget that many luxury homes do when it comes to landscape architecture. The person in charge might want the city to look like a pastel portrait but only gives you minimum money to do so. Picking the most durable and cost-effective plants that do not sacrifice when it comes to beauty is essential.
Being picked to design the city center’s landscape is a huge honor.

This can lead to plenty of other opportunities in other cities and even more lucrative opportunities locally. Keep in mind the above tips as you will have a majority of the city looking at your design in awe if you design it to the best of your potential!

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