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Lighting Solutions – World’s tiniest recessed LED luminaire – 1PUCK LP by MINIMIS

Austin-based MINIMIS amazed us with their outdoor lighting – which they claim to be ‘the world’s smallest’.

1PUCK LP is a tiny-aperture recessed LED indoor/outdoor luminaire for installation in to walls, floors, decks, soffits, and ceilings of wood or any drillable material. Fixture diameter is the size of an American half-dollar. Powered by standard, readily-available 12 volt DC (constant voltage), 1PUCK LP consumes only 1 watt, yet has a powerful 12-14-foot beam throw. The fixture is made of marine-grade aluminium, suitable for installation anywhere including beachside or yachting projects.

Lighting Solutions

Fixture diameter is the size of an American half-dollar.

Lighting solutions

Highlight parts your design to change the mood and create atmosphere.

We can see from the minimalist, functional design – not too modern or too traditional – that 1PUCK LP would dramatically reduce the fixture selection process with clients.

For a more indepth description about 1PUCK LP click here

1PUCK LP was designed to run on low-cost 12-volt DC constant voltage power.  No confusing LED drivers required.  They can even operate on electronic waste, such as discarded cellphone chargers and old laptop power bricks.Discover more at MINIMIS  www.MINIM.IS and

Product reviewed by Scott Renwick

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