Marta Ratajszczak, Writer

Marta Ratajszczak, Writer

Marta is a garden and landscape designer from Poznan, Poland and is the owner and founder of my small business – Jadorna Studio Projektowania Zieleni She holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Environmental Biology from Adam Mickiewicz University (2004/2006) and a Master of Arts in Landscape Design from the University of Life Sciences in Poznan (2008). She also spent a year in Writtle College, studying Landscape and Garden Design as an Erasmus student and says “it was the best experience ever!”. She most often deals with private gardens, large and small and has also designed parks, areas around blocks, offices and zoological gardens. Her hobbies and interests are centred around her love for Zoos! She was nearly brought up in a zoo and holds a very keen interest in zoo design. It fascinates her how, while an animal exhibit, one has to bear in mind the animals, the visitors and the keepers all at the same time! apart from that, she notices the good and bad examples of landscape and garden design wherever she goes, constanly analysing the environment. She tries to read a lot about what happens in the world of design and visit as many places as possible. I hold dear  especially British parks and gardens, which are her all time favourites. When it comes to writing for LA Active Marta says: “I am a bit exasperated with the fact that it is very hard to design something original in private gardens in Poland. Many people still want exactly the same as their neighbour has, although more and more customers are open to new ideas. As a writer I hope to expand my horizons, find and share ideas, inspire and be inspired to seek new solutions in landscape and garden design”. Marta has style of writing that is embedded in a rich culture and historical context, giving her articles a real depth that we greatly appreciate her at Landscape Architects Network, we hope she enjoys her time with us and continues to develop as a designer, a writer and an all round great person. LAN 

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