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Nick Shannon, writer

Nick Shannon is from Binghamton, New York. He is a third-year bachelor’s student in landscape architecture at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse New York.

As a landscape architecture student, Nick is  interested in the way people move through spaces and how they interact with each other and their environment. His studio friends are wonderful and he is always happy spending every second with them. When Nick is not in the studio, he enjoys running, drawing, reading and taking photographs.

Whether he is in a musical, on stage crew or managing props, Nick loves to experience the art of theater and watch everything come together. Anyone who knows Nick will tell you he sings all the time.

©Mathieu Lehanneur / JCDecaux

Check out Nick’s first published article – The Urban Matrix: How Far Should We Go? ©Mathieu Lehanneur / JCDecaux

See Nick’s first two published articles with LAN:

When it comes to Landscape Architecture Nick says:

“Landscape architecture connects people to the spaces they inhabit. We design experiences that bring people closer to each other, the places they visit, and the environment. In a world of constant communication and flow of information, it is always beneficial to disconnect from the noise and experience nature, in whatever form it may be”.

Nick certainly has a unique take on subjects. He has the ability, not just to analyze but to form a unique point of view which makes for compelling articles that keep his readers engaged. He digs deep, and sees what others can’t. A quality we just love at LAN.

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