Paul McAtomney, Writer

Paul McAtomney, Writer

Paul was born in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, and has resided in subtropical Brisbane for 5 years now where he is currently studying a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, and is also minoring in urban planning and French language. He has a diploma in sound production/audio engineering, and is quite passionate about electronic music. He has  previously worked in landscape gardening roles, and currently works as a barista while at university.Paul has previously worked/travelled/resided in Europe for around 18 months, and is somewhat of a Francophile and plans on living in Paris sometime in the future. Besides landscape architecture, music, and French culture, Paul loves anything historical, novels, cinema, coffee, and attempting to stay fit. When it comes to Landscape Architecture Paul says: “Landscape architecture excites me because it is anywhere and everywhere, a fusion of art and science mixed together with people and place. It is a means to shape the environment and the places we live, which is essential considering that in the next century there will be an additional 2 -3 billion people calling planet earth home. For me, I feel that writing for LA has the potential to improve my writing skills and provide the public with an understanding of the profession. Not only this but I also hope to gain more knowledge and understanding of landscape architecture as I progress through my studies”. It was a mixture of enthusiasm and never say die attitude that earned Paul a place on the LA Team, we’re grateful to have him on board and hope to see great things from him now and in the future. Photo Credit:  Alex Chomicz, LAN

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