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Sophie Thiel, writer

Sophie Thiel was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. She is currently living in Valencia, Spain for her Semester abroad.

Sophie owes her pursuit of landscape architecture to chance. She enrolled for this study out of being completely at a loss with choosing anything to study and landscape architecture sounded exotic and interesting.

Since 2011, Sophie is studying the a Bachelor of Landscape Planning and Landscape Architecture at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna; setting to graduate in June 2015.

In Valencia, Sophie enrolled for two modules of architecture which are giving her interesting, new insights of this field closely related to landscape architecture and making her ambitious in the practise 3D modelling and rendering.

Check out Sophie's Book review of Urban Acupuncture, inside book. Photo credit: Sophie Thiel

Check out Sophie’s Book review of Urban Acupuncture, inside book. Photo credit: Sophie Thiel

After taking some time to travel in Spain, Sophie will return to Vienna, where she has to decide what to do in the next years (looking for a job and/or studying a Master in Austria or another country), trying to stay flexible and developing her knowledge.

Sophie has not decided yet in what field she wants to work in since her interests range from Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning to Journalism/Writing and social studies. What she’s expecting from her future job is that it is a “trade with bigger meaning”, for example creating gardens for people with dementia.

For Sophie, it’s very important to try out lots of new things, gain knowledge in various fields and getting to know many different cultures and philosophies of living.

Sophie’s hobbies are traveling, meeting friends (sharing tears and laughs), reading, writing (of course!), observing nature and riding around urban and rural areas by bike. Also, she loves the idea of nurturing her drawing and painting skills which she wants to tackle next semester too.

Why is Landscape architecture so important?

Landscape architecture is influencing everybody’s life. Effective Landscape architecture is helping people to live their life easier including getting from point A to B more straightforward and faster, enjoying leisure time in urban or rural areas, helping people who are struggling with diseases and so much more.

In my opinion being a Landscape architect, means to be responsible for creating projects which improve not only the life of few people, but also which are increasing the commitment to solidarity and sustainability. Landscape architecture means carrying on the vision of changing the world into a better place to live, working together in various fields in order to put excellent ideas to practice.

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One thing, we look for in all our writers in ambition and Sophie, has it in buckets full. We’re delighted she made the decision to join LAN and we hope you enjoy her compelling articles.

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