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Taylor Stapleton, writer

Taylor Stapleton is a recent graduate of Landscape Architecture at the University of Guelph, Canada.

Her biggest passion is travel. While originally from Hamilton, Canada she spent the last year living in England attending Oxford Brookes University for her Masters in Historic Conservation. Before that she spent a semester in Melbourne taking photography and painting classes.

Now that she’s home she enjoys reading, drawing and relaxing in her garden while she plans her next adventure.

Much like some of the other writers at LAN, Taylor came into Landscape Architecture by chance. Finding it difficult to chose between her love of biology and art, she found landscape architecture was a balance of both. With a particular interest in the development of cities and historic conservation she has now found her place.

Taylor Stapleton

The Coast article composed by Taylor. Photo credit: TIERRA DESIGN (S) PTE LTD.

See some of Taylor’s articles published on LAN:

When it comes to Landscape Architecture Taylor says:

“Landscape architecture is in everything we do; every time we step out the door we are interacting with it. And that is what makes the profession so interesting. Landscape architecture is truly an idea-man (or woman) career, with their creative thinking solving any and every human or natural problem you can think of.

Landscape architecture is so important because it is creating a new way of thinking. We are not only designing the landscape but also human interactions with each other and nature”.

We are thrilled to have Taylor with us. Her professional attitude and unique insights into landscape architecture and design make her a dream to have on the team.

If you would like to volunteer and join the LA Team as a writer, then contact us today at and request to find out more information. 

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