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16-Jan-2017Latest News in Landscape Architecture 2017

News report by Brett Lezon
Latest News in Landscape Architecture
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In this week’s Latest News in Landscape Architecture we highlight a forthcoming public space in Milwaukee, feature underpasses that now double as parks, and examine how urban design can make winter a bit more enjoyable. Additionally, we showcase a book about urban ecology, and don’t forget our YouTube Tutorial of the Week! This week we share a newly-released guide to creating sections and plans in Photoshop.

Latest News Landscape Architecture:

  • Landscape Architecture Section and Plan in Photoshop Tutorial [YouTube Tutorial of the Week]
  • 7 Ugly Urban Underpasses Now Functioning as Public Parks
  • Former Industrial District in Finland to be Transformed into An Eco-Friendly Innovation Hub
  • Toward An Urban Ecology [Book Review of the Week]
  • Vectorworks, Inc. Announces Third Annual Vectorworks Design Scholarship
  • How Urban Design Can Make Winter A Little Less Grim
  • Planning Alone Won’t Ease Urban Burden
  • Shorter City Blocks Are Better, Analysts Say, But If They’re Too Narrow, People Spend Too Much Time Crossing Streets
  • Milwaukee Harbor Public Space Design Winner Announced, Construction To Begin This Summer
  • What’s In Store For Landscape In 2017?

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Landscape Architecture Section and Plan in Photoshop Tutorial [YouTube Tutorial of the Week]

WATCH >>> Landscape Architecture Section and Plan in Photoshop Tutorial

Throughout, this concise 11-minute tutorial, the presenter reviews the process of creating sections and plans in Photoshop. Whether you’re a beginning student or a veteran professional—this tutorial illustrates key shortcuts that could be major time savers.

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As space in cities becomes more limited, many cities are transforming underpasses into public parks and replacing rough passageways into pedestrian destinations. This list of seven examples is just the start. From the proposed Underline Park in Miami to the Sabine Promenade in Houston—all are prime examples of underpass design.

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Incredible Public Art at Highway Underpass!

WATCH >>> The Underline

A new development is coming to the Finnish city of Tampere. Designed by Schauman & Nordgren Architects and Mandaworks (winners of the international competition), the former industrial district is slated to become Hiedanranta Innovation Bay. Ultimately, the 250-hectare masterplan will accommodate 25,000 new residents and create 10,000 new jobs.

Embracing the circular economy and creative potential of Tampere, the masterplan catalyses innovation, embraces the future of smart manufacturing and creates a robust platform for public life,” says Patrick Verhoeven, partner in charge of Mandaworks.

[This book is] a call to action on urban ecology and climate change, with landscape as the principal medium. Kate Orff’s Toward an Urban Ecology is a presentation of ground-breaking projects by SCAPE, and the principles and strategies that underlie their success. Human societies cannot successfully mitigate and adapt to the stresses of climate change without a new state of mind, and landscape architects and artists have an essential role to play….required reading for landscape architects.

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As part of Vectorworks’ commitment to education and the future of creatives, global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc. announces the third annual Vectorworks Design Scholarship. Current students and recent graduates from across design disciplines are invited to enter for the chance to win up to $10,000 USD. During this year’s competition, Vectorworks has expanded the duration of its submission period to accommodate varying academic schedules worldwide, while also allowing students the opportunity to submit multiple projects. Submissions are due July 15, 2017.

To apply, students must submit their best individual or group project and answer three questions in 150 words or less each. Eligible students must be enrolled in an accredited design program and registered for six or more credits or have graduated during the 2015 or 2016 school term. A notable panel of judges will evaluate submissions based on design integrity, originality, the effective use of computer technology and communication of design vision. Winners will be revealed on Friday, August 18, 2017.

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News report by Brett Lezon

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