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8-March-2017 – Latest News in Landscape Architecture 2017

In this week’s Latest News in Landscape Architecture we feature the top works of Australian landscape architecture from the past fifteen plus years, highlight how Medellín has improved their image through inclusive urban planning and transport, and examine why density alone doesn’t curb automobile use. Additionally, we showcase a book about hybrid and mixed media for landscape representation, and don’t forget our YouTube Tutorial of the Week! This week we share a resource about resume creation.

Latest news in Landscape Architecture:

  • 5 Tips for a Better Architecture Resume CV / Free Template [YouTube Tutorial of the Week]
  • The Ten Most Significant Works of Australian Landscape Architecture 2001–2017
  • What We Can Learn from Trees
  • Representing Landscapes: Hybrid [Book Review of the Week]
  • What Makes Medellín the Poster-Child of Sustainable Transport?
  • Density Alone Does Not Do Much to Dissuade Car Use, Research Finds
  • The Future of Suburbia
  • Futurists Answer: What Elements Drive Urban Design?
  • ‘Street Seats’ Aim to Revolutionise Cities Through Sitting
  • A Long Time Coming: Center City May Finally Reach the River

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  • 5 Tips for a Better Architecture Resume CV / Free Template [YouTube Tutorial of the Week]

WATCH >>> 5 Tips for a Better Architecture Resume CV / Free Template

Throughout, this brief 3-minute tutorial, the presenter reviews a series of tips for designing your resume. From using only two fonts to celebrating white space—these tips are bound to help your resume creation. Click here for a Photoshop premium resume template!

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Over the past fifteen plus years, Australian landscape architecture has experienced unprecedented growth. Hand-picked by a jury, these ten projects help devise a clear vision of the future and demonstrate the challenges.

Selected projects include the Australian Garden by TCL, Ballast Point Park designed by McGregor Coxall, Victoria Park Public Domain by Hassell, and many more.

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WATCH >>> Paddington Reservoir Gardens – Art Nation

Whether it’s a mango tree basking in the sub-Saharan sun of Mozambique or a massive Montezuma cypress in Oaxaca, Mexico—trees inspire, through language, ideas, and remembrance. Perhaps one of the most notable events to happen in front of a tree is the famous falling of an apple in 1666, which prompted Isaac Newton to question gravity.

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Representing Landscapes: Hybrid. Get it HERE!

“Hybrid and mixed media create a huge variety of diagramming and drawing options for landscape representation. From Photoshop mixed with digital maps, to hand drawings overlaid with photos and modelling combined with sketches, the possibilities are endless.”

“In this book, Nadia Amoroso curates over 20 leading voices from around the world to showcase the best in contemporary hybrid design. With over 200 color images from talented landscape architecture students, this book will explore the options, methods and choices to show the innovative approaches that are offered to students and practitioners of landscape architecture.”

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Drug cartels out and inclusive, urban development in. That’s today’s story of Medellín, Colombia. Through forward-thinking mayors, the city has transformed via electric trams, outdoor escalators, and cable cars—which connect the poorest neighborhoods to the city center.

When we speak about innovative cities and smart cities, we also need well-informed citizens who make their own decisions,” mayor Gutiérrez said. “A government is only successful if it’s joined by the citizens.

Click on the headline above to watch a 3-minute interview with Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga, current mayor of Medellín.

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