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9-Jan-2017Latest News in Landscape Architecture 2017

News report by Brett Lezon
Latest News in Landscape Architecture
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In this week’s Latest News in Landscape Architecture we feature an impressive plan for Albania’s capital, highlight Shenzhen’s pursuit in becoming China’s urban design center, and examine the “Green View Index” for several cities. Additionally, we showcase a book about data mapping and visualization, and don’t forget our YouTube Tutorial of the Week! This week we share a guide to creating topographic maps in Sketchup.

Latest News Landscape Architecture:

  • How to Create A Topographic Map with Sketchup [YouTube Tutorial of the Week]
  • Tirana 2030: General Local Plan by Stefano Boeri Has Been Approved
  • Vectorworks, Inc. Expands Software Distribution in Mexico
  • Cartographic Grounds: Projecting the Landscape Imaginary [Book Review of the Week]
  • Mapping Urban Trees in 11 Cities
  • Urban Planners Look to Houston’s Industrial Side for Parks and Green Spaces
  • Council Approves Master Plan for Ashley River Park
  • On A Hunt for the City’s Forests and Lakes
  • Why Shenzhen Could Become China’s Urban Design Hub
  • World Design Summit Announces First Keynote Speakers for 2017

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  • How to Create A Topographic Map with Sketchup [YouTube Tutorial of the Week]

WATCH >>> How to Create A Topographic Map with Sketchup

Throughout, this brief 6-minute tutorial, the presenter reviews the steps to creating a topographic map in Sketchup. Beginning by importing your Google Map into your project, the process is easy and is certainly a much better route than trying to search online. We hope this is beneficial for future projects.

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Recently, the Tirana City Council approved “Tirana 2030”, a general local plan that reconsiders the entire metropolitan area including rail links, green areas, public transportation, and new development. Designed by Stefano Boeri, in collaboration with UNLAB and IND, the ambitious proposal aims to halt sprawl through an “orbital forest” of 3 million new trees.

Global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc. announces a new partnership with Tecnología Dinámica de México (TDM) to distribute Vectorworks software in Mexico. As part of the partnership, TDM will offer the Spanish-language versions of Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Designer and Fundamentals software, as well as the complete product line in English. Vision software from Vectorworks will also be available from TDM in English.

Coinciding with our efforts toward growing our global design community, we saw Mexico as the perfect place to support the increasing needs of local designers,” said Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. “It’s of the utmost importance for our users in Mexico to have easy access to both our software and to technical support in their native language, and we know that Tecnología Dinámica de México will offer top-notch services.

Download a free trial today.

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Mapping has been one of the most fertile areas of exploration for architecture and landscape in the past few decades. While documenting this shift in representation from the material and physical description toward the depiction of the unseen and often immaterial, Cartographic Grounds takes a critical view toward the current use of data mapping and visualization and calls for a return to traditional cartographic techniques to reimagine the manifestation and manipulation of the ground itself.

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Developed by the MIT Senseable City Lab, Treepedia uses Google Street View imagery to measure urban canopies from a human level. Termed the “Green View Index (GVI),” the measure presents the percentage of canopy coverage in a given area on a scale of zero to 100 by analyzing street view images for greenery. Vancouver scored the highest overall GVI of 25.9 percent, while Paris came in at 8.8.

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News report by Brett Lezon

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