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12-Dec-2016 – Latest News in Landscape Architecture

News report by Bret Lezon
Latest News in Landscape archtiecture
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In this week’s Latest News in Landscape Architecture we highlight an impressive kindergarten play space in Japan, feature Madrid’s nine-day car ban in the city center, and examine a series of important lessons from one of the world’s top design firms. Additionally, we showcase a book about how cities become great, and don’t forget our YouTube Tutorial of the Week! This week we share an extensive demonstration of how to use markers and colored pencils to create quick trees.

Latest News in Landscape Architecture:

  • Chartpak + Lapices de Color “Arboles” [YouTube Tutorial of the Week]
  • The Planners’ Guide to Trees in the Urban Landscape
  • Japanese Kindergarten Features Awesome Green Courtyard Where Kids Can Run and Climb
  • What Makes a Great City [Book Review of the Week]
  • Experimental City: How Rotterdam Became a World Leader in Sustainable Urban Design
  • America’s First Urban ‘Agrihood’ Feeds 2,000 Households for Free
  • Madrid’s Christmas Present to Itself: A Car Ban
  • It’s A Fancy Hotel, Only, You Know, for Bicycles
  • WOHA’s Oasia Hotel Conceived as A Living Green Tower in Downtown Singapore
  • 17 Important Innovation Lessons from One of the World’s Great Architecture Firms

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  • Chartpak + Lapices de Color “Arboles” [YouTube Tutorial of the Week]

WATCH >>> chartpak + lapices de color “Arboles”

The art of using Chartpak markers and colored pencils is put on display through this 50-minute presentation. Throughout, the presenter describes the techniques to creating quick trees. Whether you’re a student trying to hone your hand graphics or a professional preparing a rendering—this tutorial is helpful to learning the creative process of using markers and colored pencils to enhance your design.

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Tree and Design Action Group  is an organization which “shares the collective vision that the location of trees, and all the benefits they bring, can be secured for future generations through better collaboration in the planning, design, construction and management of our urban infrastructure and spaces.”

From embedding trees into policy and other plans to creating stakeholders, and seeking multiple benefits—the group offers a vast set of 12 action-oriented principles that can be adapted to the unique context of any city. Click here to explore the entire guide.

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WATCH >>> The Importance of Trees in the Urban Landscape

Highly regarded Japanese designers Hibino Sekkei and Youji no Shiro have created several award-winning kindergarten and educational facilities. Their latest design for Kids Mayumi Kindergarten is no different. Featuring abundant indoor space and a large protected outdoor play area, Kids Mayumi is a leading-edge venue for early education.

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What makes a great city? Not a good city or a functional city but a great city. A city that people admire, learn from, and replicate. City planner and architect Alexander Garvin set out to answer this question by observing cities, largely in North America and Europe, with special attention to Paris, London, New York, and Vienna. What Makes a Great City will help readers understand that any city can be changed for the better and inspire entrepreneurs, public officials, and city residents to do it themselves.

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The Dutch city of about 634,000 residents is home to Europe’s largest port and a strong gathering of creatives. Take Concept House Village as one example. Backed by the University of Rotterdam, volunteer families live in the homes for three years while providing feedback and university students and professors make tweaks.

Ultimately, four key points have led to Rotterdam’s savvy entrepreneurial spirit, which include a culture open to change, an emphasis on sponge city planning, a water-driven approach, and the repurposing of open space. Next year, the world’s first floating dairy farm will open in a local harbor, followed a few years later by a giant floating high-rise. “It’s [Rotterdam] a playground where you experiment, you show what works. Then you scale and go onwards.”

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News report by Brett Lezon

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