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Win Phyo, Writer

Win is originally from Yangon, Burma, but has been living in England since she was seven years old. Currently she is studying Landscape Architecture with Planning in University of Sheffield. She plans to go back to Burma once every two years and every time she goes back, the differences between these two countries never fail to surprise her! One day she would love to go back and contribute something back to her country from her based on Landscape Architecture.

Travelling is her biggest passion. She loves visiting new places and meeting people from other cultures; she feel it is always great to broaden your horizons and to learn and experience as much as possible. She also loves drawing, particularly drawing people, reading and dancing. Win is constantly listening to music and finds this to be the main source of her inspiration towards most things!

When it comes to writing for LA Active Win says:

“I want to write to inspire others, to inform and to share because I think sharing between communities and between individuals is something that definitely creates a better understanding and further our knowledge about the world that we live in.

Writing with Landscape Architects Network will help me improve my writing skills and become one of the voices that can connect people with people and people with places, as well as to be a voice that brings to light the issues that are becoming ever more important as our world changes. Being still at the earlier stages of my education means by writing here, I am able to increase my learning about Landscape Architecture and its surrounding issues and to express and share about these new discoveries!”

There is no doubt we were impressed by Win right from the early stages of her application process to write with us, with LAN chief editor Joe Clancy saying ” she can definitely write” after reviewing some of her early work.

Win manages to take an intellectual view point and communicate it in an effortless and coherent way, really helping people from all walks of life to engage with the profession and their environment.


Marta is a garden and landscape designer from Poznan, Poland and is the owner and founder of my small business - Jadorna Studio Projektowania Zieleni She holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Environmental Biology from Adam Mickiewicz University (2004/2006) and a Master of Arts in Landscape Design…


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